Nail bomb

Heydee Jarillo, Writer

Nail salon prices can vary depending on the salon you visit and also depending on the types of nails you want.The prices range between $40-$120. It also depends if you want a special design, the more you ask for the more money you have to pay. High quality nail salons should be clean, good service and guarantee good end results. 

Home nail salons are very different from going to a regular nail salon. Home salons may not have the same amount of color selections, you are also going into someone’s home and may be dealing with their family members living in the house and pets. Home nail salons may not be licensed and you can potentially put yourself at risk for injuries. At a regular nail salon you will get better service with a licensed professional and a better cleaner and safer place. 

Some of the nail types you can get at a regular nail salon or home salon are basic manicures, acrylic, gel , French and dip powder. I think you should get your nails done by a professional and a licensed nail technician to guarantee your safety and better nails.