Price Value

Price Value

Gianna Perez, Writer

Roller Rinks

I think that the roller rink in Mundelein is better than the one in Denver, Colorado because the one in Colorado charges $45 for two  people but at the roller rink in Mundelein it’s only $22 for two people. I think the roller rink in Colorado is more expensive than the one in Mundelein because you also have to think about the price of food how much it is to rent skates and so on but I also think the on here in Mundelein is cheaper because it only two dollars to rent skates and their food is cheap because they mostly sell snacks.


I’m going to compare the price value between Target and Hawthorne mall. If you were to go to the mall you would see all these stores right at your fingertips and if you were to leave the mall you would leave with a bunch of things or nothing because the reason some stores in the mall are so famous and sell a lot is because of how they publish their stuff on the shelves and how they put their signs like lets use hot topic for an example they have a big glowing sign that makes people want to enter the store and they also sell things that are in that are big in the fashion industry that’s how they sell a lot of their clothes and a lot of their jewelry but most of the other stores have been around for a while like Old Navy they sell things that you would see your mom or grandma wear they are more on the old fashion side but they are now starting to sell things that you would see a teenager wear.

Now for our next comparison we will use Target they attract people in their mid twenties because they have a lot of furniture and decoration for housing or out side decor like the other day I went shopping with my mom and as soon as we walked into target she saw a bunch of fall decor so she went straight over and started putting stuff in the shopping cart so if I were to compare the mall and Target I would say that the mall attracts more teens and Target attracts more adults so I would say the mall would be more expensive then Target and Walmart and so on and so fourth.