Makeup tips and products!

photo from:google

photo from:google

Alexa Aldana, Writer

Cheap makeup products that work amazing

Here are a few of my makeup products recommendations! One of my top favorite primers has to be the putty primer from elf. It blurs your pores and works amazing for so many other people. There are so many good reviews about this primer and I 100% recommend it. Next for foundation I would say Milani’s foundation. It works so well it’s almost full converge but once you add on it’s definitely full converge.

For concealer I would say elf hydrating camo concealer it’s definitely full coverage brightens up the face and lasts all day. Now for contour I would say Maybelline eraser it works really well. Maybelline has multiple different shades and I just honestly love the brand. For setting powder I would say airspun makes your skin so smooth and makes your concealer last. It also keeps your eye makeup from creasing and works really well.

Now for mascara I would recommend L’Oreal telescopic. It gives you so much length and I also recommend lash princess because it gives length and volume! Both of these mascaras work amazing especially together. For highlighter I would say nyx born to glow gives you the perfect glow and shimmer you need. Now to top it all off milanis setting spray will make your makeup last all day!

Easy makeup steps for beginners 

Today I’m gonna tell you a good makeup routine. It’s fast and easy and comes out really good. First you should start off with sunscreen. It keeps the skin safe and works really well. Next should be primer so it can help out with blurring the pores! Now foundation if you need it or want it helps cover up any spots you want covered up.

If you want to do your eyebrows but think it’s too hard don’t worry. It’s just a quick little touch and it’s very easy to do. It also helps make your eyebrows a bit fuller. Time for concealer it helps your skin look a bit more glowy and helps clean up your eyebrows! Now contour and bronzer it just adds a bit more of a tan look on your face. Baking time! it makes your makeup last longer and hides pores more and adds more coverage.

I highly recommend blush for a little splash of color on the cheeks that looks super cute especially when you smile. Next up highlighter it adds shimmer and glow and looks beautiful in the sun. Now mascara just makes your lashes look longer, adds volume too and really compliments your eyes.Last but not least setting spray finishes your look and helps make your makeup last a lot longer.I hope this helps out!