What Is the Best Food Combo?


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Logan Holby and Writer

Is chips and dip the best food combo?

Yes because you can have so many combos with it, it’s endless. Compared to every other food combo with chips and dip you get a sensational crunch with your dip. I mean who just has plain old chips that don’t have anything on them. Do you have a dip just by itself? I didn’t think so, that’s why chips and dip is literally the best food combo in the world!

Another reason is you can have them at any temperature if you’re feeling hot, get some cold guacamole with some tortilla chips, and chill and have some Fritos with chili cheese dip. As I said, it’s endless. My favorite reason is it’s so cheap you can find a lot of the chips and a dip at a dollar store and have a snack for the same price as a bag of Doritos.

My last reason is you can get so many different ingredients with chips and dip. Let’s say you get nachos. You can add meat, jalapeños, guacamole, black olives, beans and much more. All that from chips and cheese dip. Personally my favorite chips and dip are the chips they give you at Chipotle and the guacamole from Chipotle. In conclusion chips and dip are literally the best food combo in the world for any time and day and you can’t prove me wrong!

Is dunking cookies into milk one of the best food combos?

Yes and no it depends on the cookie and the milk. It can be the best with Chips Ahoy and normal milk .Unsweetened almond milk with Fruitcake Cookies. But if you’re feeling unhealthy for one day, dunking cookies can satisfy your goods for the rest of the day.
Can you make dunking cookies in milk healthy? For the milk yes because almost every milk brand you buy is already healthy. But the cookies Chikitsa Crumble contains the recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables and nearly half of one’s daily recommended fiber intake. I mean the cookie is really healthy for you so why not give it a try. As you can see cookies are good and milk and you should probably start dunking your cookies in milk once in a while.