Some of the best reasons why you should appreciate being Mexican

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Brianna Gama, Writer

 Mexican accessories

There are many accessories to choose from like necklaces, earrings, and other clothing for specific things. Some of my favorites are bracelets, the reason I like them is because most of them are handmade that have your name customized or evil eyes that have different meanings with different shades of colors. They keep bad energy or bad people away from us.

Sombreros are usually for men but anyone can wear them, they are used for covering your eyes and face from the sun. They are made of felt or straw. Ruffled and tiered long skirts are for some Mexican dance called folklorico, they are colorful or any bright colors in different regions. Men wear mariachi costumes to go along the dance. Most accessories are floral or colors green, white and red. Traditional Mexican clothes also keep you cool in warm weather. Many of these accessories are nice to use during festive parades or something being celebrated.

 Mexican foods

Some Mexican foods that people enjoy are most likely pozole, quesadillas, tamales, mole, tacos of all different types. Some sides can be like beans or rice. salsas make the food have a better taste, other stuff can also make it more appetizing, like onion, cilantro, etc . Guacamole is a popular dish along with some chips on the side to help it get a better taste.

For dessert, flan is good but maybe it’s not for everyone. Cake de tres leches are most recommended, churros of vanilla, strawberry or other fillings. paletas de agua o leche. mangonadas or elotes are good too, on a stick or cup either one tastes good. Tajin, limon y chamoy make most fruits taste wayyy better, better than they were before.

Mexican candy can be filled in the piñatas in parties, paletas de payaso, lucas, paletas con chile, duvalines, chocolates and other candies. They can also be placed in tables with arrangements for any occasion being celebrated with family and loved ones.

Most Mexican foods include spicy or chili in some sort of way, those are one of the best types of foods in my opinion because of it. If you haven’t tried some already, you should.