Burger King foot lettuce



Ryan Fletcher, Writer

Number one fast food places

For number one we have Popeye’s chicken sandwich. when you first look at it you just know it is going to be good. The chicken is perfectly crispy and tastes delicious. Next we have the Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich. This sandwich is number two because it is still so juicy and flavorful but not as flavorful as Popeye’s.

Next we have KFC chicken sandwich. This chicken sandwich is super crunchy but still not that flavorful. For number four we have Culver’s. This chicken sandwich has a bunch of toppings, lettuce, tomatoes, and a bunch of different options for sauces. And lastly we have Burger King. Burger King’s chicken sandwiches are so crispy and plus they have Burger King foot lettuce.

Number one french fries in fast food

For number one we have McDonald’s french fries. We all saw this coming, the McDonald’s french fries are crispy and they have the perfect amount of salt. For number two we have Arby’s curly fries. These are very unique french fries because they are coated in a cornstarch mixture and they also have other spices that make them crunchy in the fryer.

For number three we have Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries. A lot of people like these fries because they are uniquely shaped. For number four we have Popeye’s cajun fries. These fries are so unique with the cajun and everything else. For number five we have Portillo’s crinkle cut fries. These fries have the perfect amount of salt and they are cut in the crinkle cut way and it is so unique.