Halloween vs holidays

Angel Perez, Writer

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year It’s not too close to summer and it’s not that close to winter but there is STILL SNOW DURING OCTOBER. But still, Halloween is a good holiday just because you can dress up as anything you want like an apple or ghost and a cop. And to add to that you can also get candy for free but it kind of stops when you get too old then you start to give candy instead of receiving candy. But as a kid, Halloween is the best holiday for getting free candy.

Now I will be comparing holidays to Halloween to see if they are just as good or worse than Halloween. Now the holidays I am going to list are Valentine’s day, April fools, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I will be listing them from the least to the most celebrated and in my opinion, I will say if it is better and can compete with Halloween. And the first holiday is going to be April fools, now I personally love this holiday because you can literally get away with anything. you can rob a bank and at the end, you can just say April fools. I don’t know if that will work it probably won’t but hey if you do try to do it, you never got it from me. It’s a good holiday just to mess up or annoy friends or people I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Halloween but it’s still a good holiday.

Our next holiday competition is going to be valentines day. Now I’m not going to be biased, but I don’t like this holiday this much not just because I’m lonely; it’s just cause I don’t really see this as a good holiday. I mean sure you can use it as an excuse to be more romantic than ever on this day but it is literally just so chocolate companies can get the most out of this holiday. Like bro have you seen the number of chocolate people buy or are on sale during the day, crazy. It’s not as good as Halloween but it is not a bad holiday.

Now for our second to last holiday that might surprise you is Christmas. I thought it would be the most celebrated holiday but whatever, now I love Christmas you get free stuff if you’re a kid but when you become an adult instead of getting presents you are giving presents. But anyway Christmas is, in my opinion, better than Halloween just because on Halloween all you get is candy but for Christmas, you can get gifts that you can use for a long time. In all Christmas, I wouldn’t say destroys but it definitely beats Halloween.

The last holiday on this list is going to be Thanksgiving. Now I don’t like it as much but the 2 good things Thanksgiving gets us is a couple days off school and a variety of food. I would say this is tied with Halloween but I have to give points off because after Thanksgiving you would be eating LEFTOVERS FOR LIKE A WEEK. I wouldn’t mind but after like, 2 days passed all of the good food would be out and you would be stuck with the not-so-good stuff.

There it was, my opinion on comparing holidays to Halloween I hoped you liked this and I don’t care about what you say but I am not changing any of my answers.

I think Halloween has a good variety of good candy but people have their favorites. Now I am going to be ranking my top 5 favorite candies. For my number 5 spot for my favorite candy is going to be Twizzlers because I don’t know why people flame and hate on it so much but it’s not that bad I kind of forced myself to like it because when I and my brothers used to trick or treat together they would give me all of their Twizzlers so that means more candy. My number 4 is going to be Twix. It has caramel good crunch and just good chocolate overall.

My number 3 is going to have any lollipop brand. Do I really have to say anything it’s just a lollipop there is nothing else to say? My number 2 Is going to have to be Starburst because It’s just little cubes with many flavors and I like that it is not that complicated. And my number one spot is Airheads because it has so much flavor and it has a variety of flavors and even a mystery flavor.