The price of making or buying a cake

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Maragelys Valdez, Writer

The price of buying a cake at the store is much more expensive than making it at home, because at home you probably already have the ingredients to make it and all you need to make the cake is batter. In-store you pay for them to make it for you, and it depends on which cake it is.  It’ll probably be more expensive. The taste of making it is much better when buying it, but when you make it you know the ingredients you’re putting in it, then instead of buying it you don’t know what ingredients they’re putting in. They could be putting artificial colors in your cake and you wouldn’t know. If you’re making it you cannot put artificial colors in your cake so I think that it’s much better to make it at home, because it will taste better and it’s more fresh then having them make you a cake that’s like $100 when you can just make.

Decorating versus in-store I think decorating a cake in the store makes it prettier, but you can make it pretty at home too if you really try and experience.  Making it at home will be more sloppy so it’s better getting it at the store because unless you’re like a professional then it will look okay, but if you’re not a professional, then the store is better at decorating than you are.

How much time it would take to bake at home is probably around an hour, and plus decorating which could take 2 hours or at least an hour. In-store it will take one second for you to pick it up. I actually like the people that are actually decorating it and it might take a long time because it’s a pencil like decoration they’re doing for your cake so it just depends.

When making a cake at home you need to have a lot of Ingredients with you. The Taste is better out of a bakery or wherever you buy your cake. Make it homemade and it’s probably just a box. When you make it homemade you can also decorate it but it will take a lot of time and patience to decorate it nicely. While in the bakery you can just pick it up and go on with your day.

When decorating a cake it costs around an average of $50 to decorate a cake, but if you already have the things with you then it costs nothing. Most bakeries will charge extra for custom cakes while you can make it for free. When making a cake a takes time, patience and money when you have all these things it won’t be a challenge but it might be to others.