Fast-Food Restaurants Explode Around the World!

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Meadow Feind, Writer

McDonald’s Grows Day by Day

What restaurant do you think has the biggest franchise? If you guessed McDonald’s then you’re right. This may have come as an obvious answer because we all know McDonald’s is a very popular, quick meal for some. Personally I believe that there are many better and healthier fast food options that should be more popular than McDonald’s. McDonald’s has been very popular ever since it started in 1955. Since then its popularity has grown increasingly by the year.

Many people go to McDonald’s to get a quick bite, but there are so many better options. A better option would be a place like Chipotle. It is the number one ranked healthiest fast-food restaurant. To be fair it is more expensive than McDonald’s, which is why a lot of people just go to McDonald’s, but it is better for you in the aspect of fast food. So next time you decide to eat out, pick an option that is healthy for you.

The Evolution of Fast-Food Restaurants

You might be asking yourself what fast-food restaurants were like a while ago.  Well now you’ll know. Many people would be surprised by the drastic changes in restaurants in the past 5 decades. Not only have menus changed but so have costs and sizes. In 1955 McDonald’s was selling their burgers for only 15 cents! Now though a burger will cost you $2.79. That’s a $2.64 increase. I don’t believe that prices should have changed as much as they did, especially for something so small and simple. 

If you also look at the sizes of food from 5 decades ago to now you would notice that food has increasingly gotten worse in size and mass/amount. McDonald’s originally only started with small fries and drinks but now they go up as big as large and even a fry basket. Wendy’s also originally started with only 5 things on their menu which was a hamburger, french fries, soft drinks, chili, and their frosty. Now you can see that they have way more options. I find it very interesting how much restaurants and businesses can change in a short period of time.