Who is the “GOAT” of NBA Basketball?

Christian Saucedo, Writer

Who takes the throne?!! Who is the NBA’s GOAT?

Who is the best NBA player right now in 2023, there are many great players in the league right now. In fact many players are hitting their career high’s this season like Luka Doncic and Giannis Antentokumpo. In fact, LeBron James has beat the NBA’s “All time scoring record” with 38,390 PTS. Passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

But the big question is, who is the best NBA player (right now). With many great players like Jordan Poole, Luka Doncic, Giannis Antentokumpo, Stephen Curry and many more, who is the one who stands out the most by stats? The number one NBA player leading by stats and is first by ESPN ratings is none other than Luka Doncic, Luka has very impressive stats averaging 33.3 PTS per game, 8.8 rebounds, 8.1 assists and 50.5% FG percentage.

Is Micheal Jordan really the king? Who is the GOAT if not Jordan?

Many would argue that Micheal Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, but is he really? In my opinion I think Micheal Jordan is, being from Illinois (pretty much the home of Micheal Jordan and the Chicago Bulls) I have a lot of Jordan memorabilia and merchandise and have been born a fan of the Bulls. My dad went to many Chicago Bulls games and he says that they are one of the most energetic and fun experiences ever. Especially seeing Micheal Jordan on the court and his super impressive basketball skill set was amazing.

He also had a very sharp mindset, the way Micheal Jordan thought was like no other. Micheal Jordan was cocky but his cockiness and super high confidence helped his whole team grow skill wise and mental wise. This Is why I think he is the greatest basketball player of all time. Micheal was a great leader and would not let anyone get into his head. Micheal would also put up very impressive numbers with his AVG PPG being 30.1 points! During his 1986-1987 season he averaged 37.1 points!

Micheal Jordan also won 3 dunk contests, he also did an impressive free throw line dunk! Many would say LeBron James is better because he overall has way better stats than Micheal But in my opinion I think Micheal is better because LeBron has been playing way longer than him getting drafted straight out of high school! I feel like if Micheal would have started and ended around the same time LeBron did he would be a way far superior basketball player than him. What could have been…….