Cubs Curse Of the Billy The Goat Ended


Aiden Lopez, Writer

Cubs Baseball history

The Start Cubs / History

The Cubs were founded by Charles Weeghman and started in 1876. The Cubs’ home stadium is Wrigley Field, which I personally visited and it is amazing with the food and the fans, and is located on the north side of Chicago. The Cubs are one of two teams located in Chicago and the other team is the Chicago White Sox. The Cubs are part of the National League. The cubs were first known as the White Stockings, which I find a weird name for a baseball team.

The Cubs have played in 11 world series. The 1906 Cubs won 116 games, 116-36 overall, and made it to the World Series but then lost to the Chicago White Sox which are very sad after a great season. They almost had it.

Cubs Wins

The Cubs in total have 3 World Series titles, which are in 1907,1908 and in 2016.

They also have won 6 Central Division titles and they had a lot of good players. Like Ernie Banks, nicknamed Mr. Cub and Mr. Sunshine. Another notable baller was Ron Santo, who joined the Cubs in the 1960s and who was a right-hander with a batting average of .227 and had 1331 RBIs in his career.

And one of my favorite players that were on the Cubs was Javier Baez, a shortstop who sadly got traded away. Why I enjoy the Cubs are because I have been a Cubs fan for my entire life and they have been good but sometimes disappoint.