My Volleyball Story

My Volleyball Story

Claudia W., Blogger

I started club volleyball in 4th grade. I went to a club called Wisconsin Juniors and I really liked it. I learned most of the basic skills like overhand serving and setting, although I wasn’t very good at it.

I knew of a club called Sports Performance and I wanted to go there the next year. Everyone that went there was so amazing. Their club is probably considered the best club in the nation. I played there in 5th and 6th grade. I was so much better after going there because of their discipline. I do not regret the hour trips to Aurora a few times a week.

In 7th grade I was excited to go back the next season and see all my friends that lived far away. My Dad told me that the practices would be too late and I would be exhausted all the time. All I could do was cry because I would rarely see my friends and I knew the next club I went to would probably not be as good.

My Mom found out about a club called “Balance” in Cary Grove. The head coach of the program was in the Big Ten for setting and she was trained at my old club, Sports Performance. I felt a connection to the club right away because a lot of the drills were the same. It is still hard to see all my old teammates, though.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball was a big part of my summer. Since my sister goes to college in Florida, she tried out beach volleyball after indoor. She told me that she felt like she got a lot stronger since it is so hard to move in the sand. Since I admire my big sister a lot, I tried beach volleyball last summer.

One of my teammates and I decided to be partners together.  It was a really great experience because I learned so much. Beach volleyball has a lot more complicated rules. For example, you are never allowed to swing with an open hand. You have to make a shot or a pokey. We had a college coach as our beach helper, and sometimes one of his college players would come in to help.

My partner and I definitely feel like we can jump a lot higher and we are quicker on our feet in indoor now. We ended up winning our last tournament which was really exciting! Beach Volleyball at the Olympics was really fun to watch over the summer because I knew what was going on. It is hard to decide which type of volleyball I like better.