6th Grade Students Excited for Volleyball Tournament


Period 4

Neida R., Lorenzo G., and Benny Q.

After a five year hiatus, the 6th grade volleyball tournament returned to CS Thursday, December 15, in the North Gym. Period 4 was victorious over Period 7. Carlos, Anthony, Anna, Wendy, Karina, Raiden, and Olivia played for Period 4. Cristian, Gaby, Benji, Sadie, Zain, Jasmin, and Will played for Period 7.

The first two games were played to 21.  Period 7 won the first game while Period 4 won the second game. Due to time constraints the teams had to play to 11 for the final game. Period 4 won 11-9 and one player celebrated by doing cartwheels.

Some sixth grade students admitted to being upset about not competing against 7th and 8th grade students in Friday’s all school tournament.  However, most thought they would lose since they had less experience.

Mrs. Rife, the 6th grade physical education teacher, said her classes did very well in the volleyball unit. ”Some of the best volleyball for 6th grade that I’ve seen,” she said.

She emphasizes sportsmanship in her classes.  If students didn’t show sportsmanship and their team made it to the tournament, that student was pulled out and didn’t have a chance to play. Prior to the tournament, Lucas said his sixth period class was doing well in showing sportsmanship.

The 6th grade students learned a lot preparing for and taking part in the tournament. “I think that it is an amazing opportunity for those…for those who are interested for the volleyball so we can make Carl Sandburg grow and be more successful,” Alex, a 6th grade student, said.