Change CS Talent Show


Editorial Board

We think that the talent show should be more inclusive when selecting acts.

Currently, students who do not make the talent show cannot participate at all. It isn’t right to push away kids who tried hard to develop their talent.

We know what you may be thinking, “The show will go on too long! There will be too many kids performing!”  If the show goes on too long, you can schedule the performance over two nights. You can separate the acts by the talent being showcased. Those who sing or play an instrument could go on one night. This makes sense because they will probably need a microphone. This method will also make it easier for the stage crew to get props on stage.

Students will appreciate when they are being included.  They will no longer feel sad about being left out. According to Abilene News, kids that perform in talent shows have higher self confidence, self esteem, and social inclusion.

If you’re wondering what you’ll do when you need to coach kids, you can do that during lunch or not at all.  This way you won’t have to take two hours at the end of the day to coach students. Although students may not get coaching, they will appreciate being included.

Of course, there’s also the chance a student will do a dangerous act. You can talk with the student and suggest that they change their act a bit, so that there will be no chance of an accident. If students are too shy, or if they aren’t comfortable with doing their act, then the student can choose to not participate. By doing auditions in the first place, one can assume the students know what they are doing so they are more likely to be prepared.

Students at this school are very talented, and it would be a shame to let that go to waste.

Please improve the talent show.