Rethink Student Dismissal to Buses


Editorial Board

Students should be able to go onto their buses as soon as the bell rings and not wait to be dismissed in the South Gym.

Teachers are not calling bus letters loud enough. Students cannot hear what’s being called. This causes them to miss buses or just barely make it on board.

Students are not by their bus lines. They crowd around the gym door instead where they are being called out. When a bus is called students push each other to get out the door.  Someone could get hurt.

Students are told to report to the South Gym, but they do not do so. They go outside to talk to friends or board the bus while some students wait inside as expected. Some students leave when their buses aren’t called and they then proceed to board their bus. This is unfair other students who are following directions.

We recognize there are some exceptions when students cannot board their buses.

When it rains and all buses haven’t arrived, students should still report to the South Gym so that it is fair to other students whose buses haven’t rained. When it rains students will not stand around and talk to friends. They most likely will want to get on their buses to avoid the rain. This solution will also work with freezing temperatures.  

You might be thinking, “What if students go onto their buses when they are told to report to the South Gym?” Tell bus drivers not to allow students on their bus until they are told by the supervising teachers that they are allowed to board. When buses are stationed you won’t have to worry about students getting hurt because there are supervisors watching.  

If you’re worried students will miss their buses give them at least 12 minutes to board buses. Inform students they only have 12 minutes to board the bus so they can finish packing up and make it to their bus. After 12 minutes, tell buses to start leaving.   If students miss their bus because they were busy talking to friends it would be their fault. They were not responsible for maximizing their time.