The Superior Console


Emilio M., Blogger

The top two consoles right now are PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. These two consoles dominate the gaming industry, so which is better? One has to consider RAM, cost, hard drive space, and more.


The Xbox One S 2TB price is a whopping $399 dollars. Other versions with less hard drive space are cheaper. The lowest hard drive space console costs $299 dollars.

The price of a PS3 Pro 1TB costs $399. That is the same as a 2TB Xbox One S. However, you are getting 1TB more in hard drive capacity. Xbox One S clearly wins when it comes to cost.

Hard Drive Space

The maximum non external capacity for Xbox One S as written above is 2TB. The lowest amount of space is 500GB.

PS4 Pro is only available in the 1TB version. That is really bad for the price. Again, Xbox One S wins.


Xbox One S retains the same RAM as the Xbox One, 8GB DDR3. There’s no RAM upgrade.

PS4 also has overall 8GB of RAM. However, it’s GDDR5 which is vastly superior over the Xbox One’s slower bandwidth, 8DDR3. This improves gameplay. PS4 Pro wins.


The PS4 features the ability to play compatible games in 4K HDR. This is ultra-resolution that makes games look more realistic, but you still need a television that is compatible.

Xbox One S lacks that feature, but it has something that PS4 Pro doesn’t. It can stream in 4K quality. Still, it cannot compare to good game resolution. PS4 Pro wins.


We have a tie.

The tipping factor comes down to what games a player likes. Each platform has exclusive games that are only available on their console. Xbox has “Halo” and PS4 has “Final Fantasy 15.”

The best system totally depends on what games a player likes.