Croquet: Is it Dead?

Croquet: Is it Dead?

Orion H., Blogger

So you want to know the history of croquet? It’s the best sport on the planet.

This sport was born in the British Isles around the 1850s. Paille Maille, the original name of the game, was played the same way as today. The All England Croquet Club was formed in 1868. It became a famous sport and was played in Wimbledon. They became tennis courts late on. Those darn tennis players took over our sport. Surprisingly Egypt and Japan even played and it was a pretty popular worldwide sport. The genius behind this sport is Miss MacNaghten. Thanks to this woman the best sport was created. Many people play this sport and it is getting more popular.

I have played this game since I was five. I always had a mallet in my hand. My family had a backyard set for croquet. It’s been great and means a lot to me. I am the best player in my family. I want to go pro with this sport and make it to the big leagues. My favorite player is Kevin Beard because he is really good. 

They sell sets for your backyard. This is played a little different and has its own backyard rules. This game may seem very easy, but it isn’t. It is just like chess, even though the rules are simple there is a lot of strategy involved. You may think that all you have to do is swing the mallet, but there’s more to it. Like with many sports, strategy is key.