Mike Trout: No Longer Good?

Mike Trout: No Longer Good?

Patrick B., Blogger

Mike Trout. The man, the myth, the legend.

Year after year he leads the Los Angeles Angels to the postseason. In the 2016 season he hit 29 home runs and had 100 RBI’s. His average was an outstanding .315. In his whole career he has 174 home runs. The 25-year-old has finished first or second in the MVP race for five consecutive seasons. He has been named on all 148 MVP ballots submitted over the last five years. Only 11 have ranked him worse than second. He is not just good at hitting, he is also an amazing center fielder. He has robbed more home runs than people can count. He has done all of this and he is only 25-years-old!  That’s insane. He has been selected M.V.P. five times and he is only 25.

He came from East Carolina University. He also had an amazing career there, including one-hundred and fifteen hits! He also hit six home runs. “Mike Trout constantly was in the work room after practice,” his college coach said.

Mike Trout was drafted on June 9, 2009 by the Angels with the 25th pick in the amateur draft. 21 teams passed on him. He was a super hard worker and I think he deserved to get drafted. All of that hard work in college made him a great player and he continues to work really hard.

Trout is an unbelievable player and I believe he should go to the Hall of Fame.