The Aftermath of the (Mostly Big) Big Bang


Matthew C. and Aurelio S.

First there was nothing. Then KABOOOOOM. It might’ve not been that big though. It could’ve been a tiny boom. Actually, it couldn’t have been that little. Who knows? No, someone knows. GOD knows. I imagine he was bored. ‘I’m going to create another universe! This time, the exact same except for a tiny difference than the other.’ That’s where the multiple universe theory comes in…………………..For another time!

So, everything went kaboom. Once it went kaboom, tiny babies came out! We call them atoms, I think. Maybe it was molecules? Well, they were really tiny. Oh yeah! They were protons, electrons, and neutrons! They started pairing up, which started forming nitrogen and helium nuclei. A few minutes have passed. Around 300,000 years later, God decided to add more to the nuclei, thus forming a tiny looking planet system, except the “planets” don’t crash into each other and cause world catastrophes. Plus it doesn’t have violent life forms which feast on each other and damage the “planet”. Only Earth can do that.

Anyway, the hydrogen and helium made from atoms started creating things that aren’t dark, except when they die. The thing is called a Sun! Well, I guess it is, but our sun was created a few billion years later. They’re really referred to as stars. You know, those tiny balls of flame which actually aren’t tiny and could kill you really easily? Yeah, those things. They were born, then they died. Nothing important really happened in between except the fact that planets were born. Not our Earth yet, so it isn’t important. The death balls started to die in huge explosions you would call fireworks! No, wrong thing, they’re called supernova’s. Some would even die to create a vacuum to clean up space. We call them black holes. There names should give you enough information of what they look like.

milky-way galaxyNow we have galaxies, which is just a bunch of dirty space dust and gas. That Probably wouldn’t smell too good. They just spiral around, usually with a black hole in the middle. We call our universe, the Milky Way. I don’t know where scientists got that name from. The name doesn’t sound too scientific. Is there even milk in the universe? Other than from Earth, of course. Now, there’s another universe that’s important. The Andromeda Galaxy. (And-draw-meh-dah, in case you didn’t know how to pronounce it.) I’ll explain why later.

earthThe Sun was born, and soon enough, the planets. I’m not sure which one came first but all are important. All the planets had some disk, maybe that’s where we got CD disk designs from. It basically collapsed on itself. Causing a round shape. Then planets were all over the place! The orbital system was out of order.Eventually everything settled down after violent crashes and explosions. Pretty commonplace in space. Life formed and Earth advanced to this point in time.

Purple Big-head AlienThere are still many confusing things that are hard to understand in space. For example, dark matter and antimatter. I don’t think antimatter exactly defies matter itself, or is the opposite. Apparently, antimatter is everywhere or something. Also, aliens! They’re everywhere. They see you when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake . It’s not stalking, of course. It’s called “observing for a very long period of time”. People have found various kinds of their planets, so we will stal- I mean, observe them back. Now, we have really crazy planets like one that’s made of ice, but is always on fire. That’s some fireproof ice. Another planet is basically ¾ diamond! If we took even a teaspoon, diamonds would probably go bankrupt, so only take diamonds from that planet at your own risk. You’d sure become an outcast and many people would hate you, but that doesn’t matter, you have useless diamonds to keep you happy! Who needs friends when you have diamonds?

In the near future, if you say a few billion years is near at all, two galaxies will crash and life will be gone as we know it. The Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy will collide. They will thus, create….the Milkdromeda Galaxy! As if names couldn’t become any worse! A tiny galaxy will also come near us but not crash into either one. Life actually might survive, but it’s going to be very bright on any planet, since we’re basically going to have twice as many stars. Then the universe ends, stars die, planets die, and black holes disappear too. It’ll take trillions of years, that’s right, TRILLIONS, so we don’t have to worry about violently dying! That’s basically the history and future of the entire universe, sort of.