Learning Around All Your Friends Or Learning In The Comfort Of Your Home?

Alessia, Writer

Some people say that homeschooling is amazing, and others say that public schools is the way to go. So let’s find out which one is better for kids, parents and which has a better education.

Public school classroom full of student

Starting with public school, it’s pretty much free! Which is great for big families and of course parents. Transportation is already provided, a school bus is an example. This is nice so parents don’t have to worry about getting their kids to school on time every day. In addition, schools have clubs and sports so kids can stay active and participate in after school activities. This helps their social needs a whole lot.

But there is always a downside to public schools… An example is there is a lot of students all around you which makes students distracted and always worried about what they are doing and what people think of them at all times. Also, some kids aren’t as challenged and has to go at the same rate as everyone else in the classroom. That is a problem for most kids because they aren’t learning anything or sometimes it’s just way too fast and they can’t learn at their own pace.

Now let’s talk about the pros of homeschool. Parents and children are able to choose curriculum that meets their interests and needs. This is amazing because they are learning way more at their rate. Secondly, it is way easier to stay focused without loud students all around you. I know that would help me because most of the time I am looking around at students and the classroom itself. Next, you can build a much better relationship with your family members, and you don’t have to worry about being tired. You can sleep in and eat when you want to so you don’t always feel distracted because you are thinking of food and going to sleep. You would be on task way more often, meaning you could finish early giving kids the free time they need to have a childhood.

Parent teaching kids at home

Time for the cons, you need to purchase supplies and a computer which is pretty expensive. This is never fun because no one likes spending over one thousand dollars a year for school. In addition, there is no kids to talk to, wich means no social life for your kids. Being social is super important if you want to be successful when you grow up. Finally, you parent would have to be your teacher which means they would have to give up their job and teach without getting paid. Im positive no one would want to quit there job to stay at home and get no pay teaching their kids. It would be hard to pay rent and buy food for your family so i’m sure the kids wouldnt be to happy as well.

I honestly think the public school is better because there is after school activities, friends, learning, and more! Also, it’s all free! Most kids still have a great education going to a public school. In conclusion, public school is better for students and parents than homeschooling.