Black Holes

black holes

black hole

Matthew C. and Aurelio S.

        Black holes. What are they? Why do they exist? There are many questions we could ask, and not all of them have been answered. Might as well learn from what we know now. Black holes are dead stars that collapsed in on themselves. They’re like vacuums in space, eating everything in their path. Actually, that isn’t true. It would depend on the gravitational force. You really can’t see a black hole without any certain tools. Now, there are black holes that are atom sized, stellar sized, and supermassive sized. Each size indicates a different mass.

black hole


        If a black hole were to pass through our solar system, things would get pretty bad for the Earth. The black hole would go through the Oort Cloud. It would then send many comets hurtling towards Earth. Then the black hole would take gases from gas planets and super heated dust would form around the black hole. Then the black hole would be visible to Earth and many times more dangerous to Earth. Once the black hole has reached the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, we could just give up. The gravitational pull of the black hole would cause massive earthquakes and giant volcano eruptions and tear the planet to smithereens. So if a black hole was detected in our solar system, you’d better hope it’s a false alarm. Although it’d be a completely different situation if the black hole just took place of the sun. Depending on the size, we’d just orbit around it.