Our Experiences with Volleyball

Our Experiences with Volleyball

Libby F. and Bridget O.

One of our favorite sports to play is volleyball. We enjoy this sport because it’s fun to play and we love competing and being on a team. Bridget started playing in 4th and 5th grade at her old school, then didn’t get back into it until 7th grade. Libby started in summer of 6th grade at camp. We tried out for the Carl Sandburg team and made the team. We began to love the sport and started playing club volleyball and taking things more serious.

We are now in 8th grade and we made a different team this year. We are both doing Illinois Juniors along with some other girls from the csms team. Volleyball is a game of concentration, if you aren’t paying attention to what the other team or what your side is doing you will lose points. The goal of the game is to keep the ball in the air and get it over from side to side with a maximum of 3 touches per time the ball comes over. The different ways you can hit the ball are bumping, setting, spiking, or tipping. There are some illegal hits which include lifting the ball or setting it and it hits both hands at different times which is two hits.  When the play is over it will be because the ball is dropped, goes out, hits the net, or a player catches it. There are six people on each side of the court at a time, they all have assigned spots to be at when the ball is on either side of the court. Then when the play is over and your team makes the point you do a rotation, you rotate up or down a position on the court.

One of Bridget’s  favorite positions to play is setter, she set the ball up  to the outside, middle or right side hitter. The setter gets the second ball or tries to as much as possible so our side can get a hit against the opponent. Libby’s favorite position is middle hitter. She blocks balls that come over just by the net and hits middle too.  To start the play and volley one person on the team in the rotation will serve

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