Mrs. Rafalowitz Appears To Be A Very Effective 7th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Rafalowitz Appears To Be A Very Effective 7th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Rafalowitz’s LA/SS class is amazing.

She is really fun.  She lets students play review games before a quiz so they can be ready and won’t fail.  She also gives students lots of candy when they play “Quizlet Live” or “Kahoot.”  Students watch “Channel 1 News” and learn about what is going on in the world.  One time students reviewed for a quiz by pulling states onto a map.  The group who got the fastest time won candy, like Jolly Ranchers and lollipops.

Mrs. Rafalowitz is also very smart.  She knows what she is doing.  She really knows her stuff, especially stems.  She doesn’t have to look in the book for the meaning of stems.  When students worked on learning about the presidents in Social Studies, she gave lots of information about their pasts.  She showed a video about what all the U.S. presidents did in their past and what they are known for.  One detail is that John Taylor was a part of the Whig Party and he also served from 1841-1845.

Mrs. Rafalowitz is really thoughtful.  She  gives students a lot of time to work on homework.  One time students had Goodreads for homework and she gave them time to work in class instead of doing it at home.  She also gives extension on quizzes or homework due dates if students aren’t prepared.  She extended the 9/ 11 timeline because some students needed it.

Mrs. Rafalowitz teaches a very strong LA/SS class in this school.