Ms. Wagner Leaves Impressive First Year Mark

Ms. Wagner Leaves Impressive First Year Mark

Editorial Board

Ms. Wagner’s first year is coming to a close. She’s different than other teachers and we love having her here.

She makes sure her students learn in a fun way. That’s her goal. She has students play a lot of games, but they still learn. Students played “Jeopardy” in Social Studies and it was a blast.  Students also played a cool Language Arts version of “Monopoly.”

Ms. Wagner is also very kind and caring. One of her students found himself in a lot of trouble this year. She was there for him and helped him out immensely. If students had, or are having, a rough time personally or academically she always checks in with them. She helps them get over any obstacle or difficulty they’re facing. She has this uncanny ability to listen and relate to all of her 7th grade students. It’s a gift.

If her students can’t achieve a skill or need extra help she will find time to help give them the support they need. She rewards hard work and doing what’s expected. If students have trouble staying on track she has them come in for a silent lunch. She also lets students go to her room if they want to listen to music or study for other classes. She’s more calm when it comes to punishment, too.  She does not give many detentions. Students appreciate that.

She relates to students and her positive energy sets a productive tone. She tells jokes at the beginning of class to make students laugh, usually a lot of puns. She also likes to put funny educational videos to make her students laugh, but still think.  Students have watched “Kid President” and “Schoolhouse Rock.”

Ms. Wagner is consistently happy and in a good mood. She always smiles and welcomes students. She enjoys conversing with students about what’s happening around school. She relates to students so well.

She rarely yells and is quite patient when she wants students to settle down and be quiet. She is never rude and that goes a long way. Every lesson is interactive and fun. She never gives out multiple worksheets to complete and note taking is not necessary. Work is more than textbooks and busy work. Fun games are often played instead.

We are so glad Ms. Wagner has joined CS. Her love of us and way of teaching is unmatched. ‘