Everything You Know About Dog Breeds is Wrong


Taken from YouTube

Hannah E.

We all love dogs. Well, most of us anyway. Maybe you prefer the Corgi. Or the Bulldog. Well… you shouldn’t. They are unnatural, genetic monsters created by some rich Victorians. You heard me right. No, this isn’t clickbait.


Everyone seems to think that dogs just descended down as “Pugs” or as “Golden Retrievers”. This is very far from the truth. In the wild, dogs mated and bred with whoever they wanted to. You see, you need something called genetic variety to survive. Let’s use you as an example. You get one set of genes from your mother, and one from your father. If your mother’s genes fail in one area, your father’s can cover for them, and you don’t get sick. All good right? Well, these disgusting Victorians wanted a certain look and this was often achieved through inbreeding. As in… mating brothers and sisters. Gross right? Its not only gross, but unhealthy.


Like I mentioned before, you need genetic variety. When you inbreed, you lose that. Many breeds have problems that could easily be solved if they could mate outside of their breed. 60% of Golden Retrievers die from cancer. An estimated 95% of King Charles Spaniels have skulls that are too small for their brains. Pug’s faces are so flat that they reverse sneeze. Great Danes are so huge they get bone tumors from supporting their own weight.


And we come to the saddest case of all. The Bulldog. Their noses are so squashed that they can barely breathe. Their heads are so big that they almost always have to be born via C-section. Their tails can become ingrown, they basically all have hip dysplasia, and their average life expectancy is SIX YEARS. These dogs shouldn’t even be alive, and the fact that they are should be considered animal abuse.


My dog, Snoopy. We adopted him from Reach Rescue about a year ago.

This is a serious issue that hardly anyone knows about. Immediate action needs to be taken so these animals can lead normal lives. This may sound too big of an issue to be solved, but you can help. Are you thinking about getting a dog? Do NOT go to a breeder! After reading this, you can tell why! You should ADOPT! This a much better option, as you are getting a healthy dog and saving one too. I am sure that you can find a “mutt” that’s just as cute as any other “purebred”, accept they’re happy and healthy. Take my dog, Snoopy, for example!