Volleyball Tournament Returning Next Week

Volleyball Tournament Returning Next Week

Caleb B. and Daniel P.

7th and 8th grade volleyball teams are preparing to participate in the 33rd annual Duke Miller Volleyball Tournament next week.

Each 7th & 8th Physical Education class has been practicing for about a month. Students have been doing regular season games to practice their skills and help figure out what serve to use and the structuring of teams. There is an in-class tournament where the top one to three  teams will participate in the all school tournament. There are also two sportsmanship teams nominated by teachers. 8th graders can participate as scorekeepers or referees.

“We like that the students really run the tournament” Mrs. Dalton, P.E. teacher, said. Many students gets most of the day off of classes to play, cheer, and watch the games.  

“I like that we come together as a school and play together and have fun,” Lauren P., an 8th grader, said.

The tournament makes a lasting impression on students. “We have students from ten to 15 years ago coming and asking about the tournament,” Mrs. Dalton said.