Examining Ghosts

Examining Ghosts

Kelly E. and Arelly G.

Do you want to know if you’re near a ghost ? Pay attention to your lights. If they seem to be turning on and off it’s because you’re near a ghost. Other signs include drawers opening and closing by themselves,  and having feelings of cold spots or like you’re being watched. A very common sign is if you hear unusual noises or voices.

How do you get rid of ghosts ? One of the ways is communication, for example demanding it to leave. If the ghost does not leave you will have to use banishing spells, but first you have to communicate.

You can speak to ghosts using a Ouija board. You move the little block to the letter you want to spell out a word. Then the block will move by itself and spell out the sentence or whatever the ghost wants to say. Don’t use a Ouija board unless you want demons in your house or to possess your family members.

Another way to talk to ghosts is to set up a white candle. You will also need two pieces of paper. Write “YES” and “NO” on them. Put the papers as close as you can to the candle. You need to add salt to the melted wax and you keep speaking to the ghost until you feel like a spirit is around. Pay attention to the flame, if it leans to the “YES,” that means a spirit is around. After that, you should shut it off

How do we know ghosts are actually real ?  We can see them, but not everyone has had an encounter. So if nothing else is moving something, who else is doing it?