Mrs. Fischer Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

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We like Mrs. Fischer a lot.

She lets students work with a lot of different art mediums. Students have worked with clay and glaze to create colorful and useful masks. They also used watercolors to create a worm’s eye view of a farm and pencils to make aerial and street views of a city perspective. 

Mrs. Fischer gives students requirements, but leaves room for creativity. In one project students had to give a mask a logical function and facial features, but they could do anything else they wanted with it.  In another project students had to give an everyday object bug features, but they could do it however they wanted. In city projects students could design our buildings however they wanted.

She helps people and encourages other students to assist each other, too. She will ask students who are done to help other students who are stuck. She also recommends that if students have a question they should ask the person next to them first. She also suggests if a student nearby looks confused then you should help the student out.

Mrs. Fischer’s encouragement to support each other and use imagination makes her an outstanding teacher.