Physical Education: Our Take

Physical Education: Our Take

Editorial Board

We love the P.E. program at the school. We just think warm-ups and student athlete participation needs to change.

Give Student Athletes a P.E. Pass

Currently students must participate in P.E. even if they play an after-school sport. CS should give student athletes the option to participate in gym if they play after-school sports. 

Athletes are more likely to be tired during after school games and practices. Some of us are athletes. By the time games or practices come at the end of the day, we do not have much energy left because of P.E. We don’t perform our best despite our effort. Our exhaustion causes us and our coaches to be upset. We would rather have more energy at the end of the day and help our team to victory.

We realize that it’s a state law that students must participate in P.E. at least three times a week. Let students on a team choose those three days. The other days could be a study hall for students to do their homework to maintain energy and eligibility. 

End P.E. Warm-Ups

We want the warm-ups in P.E. classes to be removed from CS.

Students would be happier if there was no warm-ups because they could just go straight to the activity for the day. The students don’t even like the warm-ups, so it makes sense to take them away.

The P.E. teachers also would feel less stressed because they wouldn’t have to watch the students closely to see if they weren’t doing the warm-ups. The teachers need to pay close attention to the students during the warm-ups, and if there wasn’t any warm-ups the teachers wouldn’t have to assess the students.

We know you are thinking that the warm-ups are a part of the grade in P.E.. However, students can be graded on the activity for the day and if they are participate in it or not. The participation part of P.E. isn’t even that large. The tests are a bigger part. The teachers could also grade on if students have their uniforms every day. Make that a bigger part of the grade.

Warm-ups take up too much time. The students have to run for about six or more minutes, and do sit-ups,  pushups, and jumping jacks. Teachers also have to explain the activity after the warm-ups, and that takes up time too.

We know you are going to say that warm-ups can help students prepare for the activity for the day. However, students aren’t even stretching. They’re only doing sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and running. These activities are just physical. If you want students to not get injured as much, they should do stretching.

It isn’t fair that every month, P.E. teachers add another minute to running. Students are already running a lot, so running for ten minutes takes up even more time instead of doing the activity. 

Most of the students don’t do all of the warm-ups anyway. It is pointless to have the warm-ups if students aren’t even doing them. We know you are going to say that warm-ups can help students get stronger. If the students aren’t even doing the warm-ups, they are not helping.

If students are also participating in other activities for or outside of school, and they are tiring themselves out in warm-ups they might not be able perform on the level that they are usually at because they are tired. In Fitness and Nutrition class, students are also being active. If students are in that class for that trimester they should not have to do warm-ups.