Amplify: Our Take

Amplify: Our Take

Editorial Board

We want a more challenging science curriculum like we had previously.

7th grade science is too easy for many students. The majority of students can easily keep a high grade with Amplify while also finding time to play games, and do homework from other classes.

We recently went around lunch and asked students whether or not they thought the science curriculum is easy or difficult. Students in silent lunches were not asked. 50 students said it’s easy and 30 said it was difficult. More than 60% of students consider science easy. 

The fact that more than half of 7th grade students find science so easy they make jokes about in front of other teachers shows how much it is ridiculed. We’ve seen this firsthand in other classes.

This is particularly unfair to students who can complete work fast, easily, and well. They are given way too much free time. They are not being challenged enough. They just sit or read. 

We know what you’re thinking, “This new curriculum has a higher G.P.A. total compared to the previous one.” This is because the easier curriculums allows students to get higher grades than before. You might also be thinking “This curriculum has immersive experiences, as well as a multimodal approach.” This is stated upon the Amplify website.

This may be true, there ae many more immersive experiences and labs than last year. It may be multimodal, but it isn’t that much so. When students do something off of their computers, it’s usually just a worksheet.

We like science and want to learn. Please consider a new curriculum that challenges us in a meaningful way.