Nyjah Huston: A Journey

Jack Van de Motter, Writer

         Nyjah Huston: A Journey


                            Early Life

 Nyjah Huston is an American pro skateboarder from Puerto Rico. He started skateboarding at 5 years old because of his father who was an avid skateboarder because of its popularity among the Rastafarian culture. Nyjah was raised as a strict vegan and was only allowed to listen to reggae music and was unable to cut off his dreads because of his rastafarian upbringing. He quickly became a skilled skateboarder and became sponsored by Element Skateboards at age 7. At 11 he won the Tampa Am in 2005 and in 2008 moved to Puerto Rico with his dad. His dad moved his family into the mountains living on a 26 acre farm living off his earnings. Pretty soon Nyjah’s mom decided it was time for a change. While his dad and Nyjah were in Barcelona they all moved to California and a judge gave full custody of Nyjah to his mother. Soon after that he was invited to the first ever Street League competition. His mom knew that they could not afford it but they still drove to Arizona on a prayer. Luckily their prayers were answered by Rob Dyrdek. He payed for all the expenses and Nyjah ended up winning that competition and winning 150,000 dollars.“That was the most important and best feeling I’ve ever had in a contest. It saved our lives,” Huston said.


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                     Nyjah’s Winnings


Huston is the world’s highest paid skateboarder and has won multiple skateboarding titles, among them the Street League Skateboarding competition series, which he won six times. He’s worth $6 million and his sponsors include Nike, Mountain Dew, Monster Energy and Doritos. He has won seven gold medals and won street league 19 times.


             image obtained from (https://nyjah.com/)