A Soccer Players Thoughts – Who Will Be The Future???


Daniel Kern, Writer

Some see Messi as the best, I see Ronaldo as the best. These 2 players have been dominating the pitch for over a decade. The 2 have been sharing the Ballon D’or on and off for over a decade. But in 2018 the cycle broke and the award was won by Luka Modric. So I’ve been thinking here in my room during quarantine is it time to look at the future stars.

Many people have been seeing Kylian Mbappe as the future “Messi” “Ronaldo”. But personally I don’t think so, I see Paulo Dybala as being the future’s best. He is already 26 years old and has not won the award yet. But honestly soon we will be seeing the retirement of both Ronaldo and Messi. Which only gives opportunities to Dybala, no longer being in Ronaldo’s shadow in Juventus, and no longer being in Messi’s shadow in Argentina.

Sadly soon we will be seeing the retirement of 2 legends. But new legends will rise and we will never, never lose the sight of some amazing Football.