A Soccer Players Thoughts – Our Current Stars


Daniel Kern, Writer

Right now is an amazing time to be watching soccer. we have so many amazing stars on the field, it sure would be a sight to miss.

Right now the 2 best players without any doubt are Messi and Ronaldo. The 2 have been sharing the Ballon D’or for 10 years before Luka Modric took it from them in 2018. The 2 are always compared to each other. Currently Ronaldo has a total of 626 goals for all the seasons he has played according to Transfermarkt. Messi currently has 627 goals only 1 more than Ronaldo.

Although Messi has more goals than Ronaldo does, Ronaldo has more goals this season he has 22 while Messi has 19. They are both still amazing players to watch and either one you support and/or watch you will always see something amazing.

Links: https://www.transfermarkt.us/cristiano-ronaldo/profil/spieler/8198