Call of Duty – What’s going on

Jackson Field, Writer

What’s up you guys, today we are talking about what’s going on in the Call of Duty world. There is a NEW META going around, the new R9 Dragon breath rounds. This gun is a 1 shot in warzone if up close to the head and is a 1 shot most of the time in multiplayer. The class setup is Choke, FORGE TAC Sentry, 5mw Laser, Dragon’s Breath Rounds, and Sleight of Hand. That class is what I have been using and I got it gold very quickly. 


Also leaks about the new COD Cold War have been found. This was a streaming accident by Activision. This game despite being the 6th game in the Black Ops series will be a direct sequel of Black Ops. Including Alex Mason and Frank Woods who are people in the campaign. They also said this campaign will have multiple endings!! Which will only happen off of players’ choices through the campaign. Also there is a possibility of custom players in the campaign. That’s all I got for now and I really hope this helped in any way. Bravo Six going dark.


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