Skateboarding-The Goat

Angel Estrada, Writer

Tony hawk earns a lot of money from skateboarding he has his own brand of equipment for staking. I know he is one of the greatest to ever live and he is 52 years old and still is skateboarding. That is crazy many people who are that age just sit down retired from their job and cool down for the rest of their life. What I am trying to say is Tony Hawk is very athletic for his age many think he would retire.

Of course he has made enough money to retire. Come on he is sponsored by so many companies and brands it would be too many to list and he still has his own brand too. Like I am saying if he would retire all he can do is sit down, do whatever he wants and let money go in his bank. He likes to help out other kids by building stake parks where there are none people even sometimes d’m him saying can you build a stake park where I live because I really love starting and don’t have a park near me.