lego terrain techniques

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from pinterest

Joshua Bradley, Writer

As the story goes…

  • Most LEGO enthusiasts start with a pile of unsorted LEGO pieces.
  • As the collection continues to grow, they decide to sort by set.
  • They soon realize they can’t find the piece they need, so they re-sort by color.
  • They very quickly realize that’s even worse, since it’s impossible to find a specific small part in a container of just black parts, so they re-sort by part.
  • That works pretty well, but eventually, their collection grows even bigger, so they sort by both parts and color.
  • Eventually, they have so many common parts in common colors that they need to get even larger containers for each part/color or a system of overflow storage.

Credit by Tom Alphin

I agree with that. Its the exact same thing that happened to me. I suggest going straight to sorting piece and color its a lot easier and saves time. Craftsman sorting bins will do the trick.