Betta Fish – Beginners Guide To A Betta Set-Up

Linh Luu, Writer

Hi again. So, if you read my last post you’d know that I am now going to write about the basic tank set-up for a Betta fish. Let it be none this set-up is JUST meeting the standard. You can compare this to a “C” grade. Meeting the standard. When it comes to animal care, always try to exceed an “A”. Sometimes you’re not financially strong enough to take care of the “extravagant” tank from my last post… so here is a list of items you need for a basic set-up. Final note, if this set-up still seems like a lot to you, I suggest straying away from owning a pet fish.


Let’s start with the bare tank. I and the entire Betta fish care community recommend a five-gallon long tank. Betta fish come from narrow streams so only five-gallon tanks that provide lots of horizontal room will work. I’ll provide an image below. You also need a tank heater that reaches 72 degrees Fahrenheit that is recommended for five-gallon tanks. You also need a filter with medium flow recommended for five-gallon tanks. 


Decoration time! For five-gallon tanks, you only have so much room. I recommend having one or two Marimo moss balls. Along with tall live plants all around the back. I also recommend two or three rock hides and one or two wood structures. For substrate, sand, and nutrient-rich soil. 


To the side are my recommendations.  Here is the standard for decorating. NEVER.EVER.EVER.EVER.EVER use plastic plants. This goes for every fish but ESPECIALLY the Betta fish. Plastic plants can ripe their fins apart! I recommend live plants. My favorite is Java Fern. You can plant it in soil and grow it very large! They’re also relatively cheap, and easy to take care of. Remember to do research though. You also need non-toxic UNPAINTED hides. When purchasing hides, remember to slide your finger up and down the sides. If you feel any roughness or sharpness PUT.IT.DOWN. For substrate, you can use soil, and top it off with non-toxic, UNPAINTED, and smooth pebbles. Remember they have to be round NO EDGES! I will put pictures of hides that suck and to avoid at all cost, and hides that are absolutely amazing. I will also put pictures of tanks you could use as inspiration for your own tank.


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