Skateboarding- Do Tricks or Die Trying

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Angel Estrada, Writer

 First let’s start with the basics. You might think there is only one type of trick but there are two types of tricks. Let’s talk about the one everyone knows ollie this trick is used for mostly every trick in skating so what this is. Ollie simply makes your skateboard pop up the air lifts the front wheel and back. This trick can take about 2 weeks to get but comes in handy like I said it is pretty much used for every trick.

Once you can get that ollie constantly then some tricks might be a little easy like a grind. A grind is when you are sliding your skateboard on a rail or a lelge. It can be very hard but if you put your back wheel on the rail then keep balance. In my opinion keeping your balance is hard if walking down a rail is hard then imagine with a skateboard.