2020-Kobe and Gigi Bryant


the mamba fam rip

Grace Kaminski, Writer

It’s been 8 months since we lost those 2 it all happened when they were on their way to an away game. They went by helicopter. It was gigi kobe and the other teammates’ family and the coach,the pilot. When they were heading to the game their helicopter crashed into a hillside in cali. People say that it was tampered with before they left and that’s what caused them to crash and others say that it was just a malfunction. Gigi was just 13 my age and she wanted to go to the WNBA and be just like her father. Her sister was at a volleyball game at the time the crash happened once she heard what happened she had to leave the game with her mom. They gave Kobe and Gigi a private burial and down in Cali they put up a memorial and a bunch of people came and paid their respects. They say that the flight records they flew the day before with no problem cause they were on their way to mamba sports academy. But after their death the laker and Gigi team reped thei jersey at the games where Gigi was gonna sit they put their jersey here and they are hanging them up in the lakes home. The death had impacted a lot of people but mostly his wife because on that day she just lost her baby girls and her husband. 8 months from january 26 2020 people still are crying when they hear his name and still are repping his jersey and alway will and befor you shoot a bucket say for Kobe. When Gigi died i was upset and sad cause she was my age and she was the only girl i looked up to cause once upon a time i thought basketball was my way to go so i looked at Gigi for a role model. People say they deserved to die but I think it was too early for them to go cause Kobe still had to raise his daughter and plus he has a little baby and she wont get to know her father. And with Gigi she had 8th grade to go through high school and even college but a tragic thing happened and I don’t think they deserved to die. those people wrong who said they should have died.