Soccer – Positions

Diego Sanchez, Writer

In soccer, there are four positions. Goalkeeper, defender, midfielders, and forwards. All positions have a different view of the field. For example, goalkeepers get to see the whole field and they can tell the defenders or midfielders where the attackers from the other team are. Defenders can do the same but instead they tell midfielders where there is open space so they can have a better chance of getting the ball with full control over it. The midfielders also get to see the whole field. The midfield is the hardest position to play in soccer, its a whole lot of running up and down the field. Midfielders go down the field to help the defenders when the other team is attacking, but the also help the forwards when its team is attacking. They can play the ball in short passes or send a long ball so that the forwards can run for the ball and have a chance of beating the defender. Last but not least are the forwards. Their view of the field is usually just on the opponents side of the field. Forwards have to be ready for when a defender sends them a long ball. Fowards also have to have some sort of skill or really good body faints so that they can take on the defender.