Skateboard-The Competition for Boarders

Angel Estrada, Writer

These X games are so fun to watch if you know how skateboarding is. There are so many people from different countries and how their story of getting from where they are now is crazy and interesting to know. Once in a competition there was a 13 year old who won it was crazy everyone was looking at him like what no way but got so much respect afterward. I think he got so much respect because he worked really hard to earn that spot and get that respect and he started skating when he was 4 years old no wonder he is so good.  

His role model was Tony Hawk like I said in my previous blog idea Tony Hawk inspires many people to become a professional skater or to become something. Another thing about X games only a few people get in the semifinals for a chance to win doing tricks is hard. When people can’t do a super hard one they can get frustrated for whoever wins gets 50k now I can see why they get frustrated. A ton of professional skaters train really hard for over 4 hours you may think it is nothing but they also have to workout on conditioning because skating takes a lot of energy away especially when they’re doing really hard tricks which can hurt them.