Cars-The camaro ZL1

Ariel Morales Pacheco, writer

 The chevy camaro is one of my favorites because one bumblebee from Transformers, the first movie, transformed into a 2010 camaro. Also I like it because of its stability because, when driving you want total control of the car that what the camero does. Also the Camaro can have v8 or a v6 engine and can produce 650 horsepower. My favorite year of the camaro is the 2020 camaro, why because it looks awesome. The front headlights look so futuristic and in general the body work looks flawless. Most rims will actually make them look even better. So if I pick a camaro I would choose the ZL1 with 6.2 v8 engine with spoiler in the back so it looks like a total beast.