What we think we’ll see in 2021 fashion


What we think well see in 2021 fashion

Chloe Winkller, Writer

2020, we may have been in a pandemic for most of it but it still had its trends. 2021 will definitely have some throwbacks when it comes to trends, here are some of the trends that 2021 may bring.

Remember those ugly GAP sweatshirts we all wore when we were seven? You might want to bust them back out of the closet because these are going to be in. Inspired by many popular brands like the Essentials and the brown/neutral colors that have been popular these sweatshirts and hoodies are coming back.

Next we have pants but not just any pants. The kind that have been getting very popular on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and our favorite place for outfit inspo; Pinterest. Bold printed pants have been extremely popular this past December. We definitely think the trend has just begun. The most popular type of print seems to be the large zebra print and the flames design.

Wanna stay ahead of the trends but don’t know where to shop? Some lower price places like Target and Empty Soda are a great affordable option. Princess Polly and Pull & Bear are some more expensive ones. You can even try second hand clothing from either thrifting or online at Depop.com! We hope to see these trends popping up more often in 2021.