The place is the gold

The Easy Road to a Bank Load

Elijah Meister, Writer

There are many places that you can go to start your collection. Some people like going to card shows where they can pick a specific card that they may want. I think that some people may enjoy going to shops because they may find the card you are looking for and if you have researched the card you may find out that if you find this card in either a random pack or looking at a card show for it, because you never know there could be a guy selling the card you want for under the price that it is worth. 

Now some people may like going to a store like Target, Walmart ,Ebay, and Amazon. Personally I like shopping for cards either at Walmart or  online. I like this method because I am new to cards and I don’t really know what’s considered a good card. I like getting a random pack that will start me off so that I don’t have to worry about one card that may be super expensive. 

But to sum it all up I think it really just depends on the person collecting cards I still really think that if someone were to get started with a football collection that they would really enjoy it a lot. I know for me Football cards  pass a lot of time and when I’m not doing school work I’m usually going through my cards and organizing them.