Easy tricks to perform on a skateboard

Image from https://wifflegif.com/tags/258900-720-kickflip-gifs

Image from https://wifflegif.com/tags/258900-720-kickflip-gifs

Alessandra Gonzalez , Writer

There are tons of Tricks to try and learn and possibly master when it comes to skateboarding. Some are easier than others, As well as some that need more skill and more dedication.

 In my opinion I feel like an ollie would be one of the best tricks to perform when you are starting off, it is used a lot when skateboarding. When you are first starting out it will take some time to get used to, when doing an ollie what you mainly need to do is be able to put your foot on near the end of the board and pointing your toe in order to pop the board up.  Next you would just want to use your other foot while it is placed near the middle of the board but bit farther away, then after having it placed there you would need to drag your foot to the nose of the board and land on your two front wheels first. 

 A second easy trick to learn is to powerslide. Which can mainly be used to help stop or slow down. It is best to do a powerslide on a smooth ground surface, while having your foot placement with your front foot right behind the screws and back foot right on them. When you finally attempt it is just swiveling with your front foot and shoving your back foot forward.