How It’s Changed

History Of Hoops

How Its Changed

Zach Perraud, Writer

The NBA has changed a ton over the years. This includes rules, shots, fouls, and playstyle. I think it is less interesting now. Just because of how soft the players are now.

This brings me into my first topic. The refs call more fouls now then they did back then. Like back then in the Micheal Jordan era he would get thrown to the ground and fight through contact, and still score. Unlike now if you hit them a little bit it would be a foul. This is one of the reasons I think Micheal Jordan is the best of all time. As well as centers they would get slapped, pushed, tripped, and everything else that would be a foul in the NBA today. In my opinion it was way more impressive to score then, than it is now.

One more thing that has changed is playstyle. The big topic about it is the shooting 3`s. As well and players not really caring about defence. So on to the 3 point shot, in today’s NBA this is really all it is. Players love shooting 3`s. Some of the best shooters are Steph Curry, James Harden, and Trae Young. Now on to defence, the players are not trying and just only playing offence so the games score gets really high. 

These are my reasons why the NBA has changed.