How to make a top notch litter box for your rabbit

Rabbit Know How’s

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Izy Wietecha, Writer

Hello there, if you read my blog about where is the best place to house your rabbit and you read something about litter box training then you are in the right place. First step is to find a litter box that your rabbit will fit and have room to do their business in different areas each time they go, otherwise you will have your rabbit aiming in the wrong place. What you should also get is a hay container seperate from the litter box so you aren’t wasting hay.

Second, you should get 3 things that go into your rabbit’s litter box. You should get some timothy hay, it doesn’t matter what kind just as long as it’s hay because 80% of a rabbit’s diet should be hay. Another thing you should get is either paper shavings that you could get straight out of your paper shredder or you could buy pine shavings from any local pet store, which go on the bottom to soak up any liquids. On the bottom should go pellitized bedding comfortable for the rabbit and doesn’t stick on any long haired rabbit booties. Like I said previously you could get a separate place for the hay so they don’t waste anything. And there ya go, anything you could possibly need for your rabbit’s litter box.