Frankie Lesniak, Writer

Football has always been an amazing sport and it has not changed over the years like how basketball has. Football has been a tough sport mentally and physically because of how you just get tackled and hit over and over and over again, then you have to get right back up and do it all over again. But football isn’t like baseball, hockey and basketball when it comes to the playoffs because those sports play a series to see who advances but in football it’s a one and done for every game. A touchdown is worth 6 points, a field goal is worth 3 points, an extra point is worth 1 point, a two point conversion is worth 2 points and a safety is worth 2 points as well. Those are all the ways to score in football.

Equipment you need for football are a helmet, shoulder pads, pads for your legs, a mouthguard and cleats. The main reasons a lot of kids aren’t playing youth football these days are because their parents don’t think that it’s safe enough because of all the injuries, it’s mainly because of the concussions. This has been happening to me for 4 years now, I have gotten like 3 concussions over the years but the main reason I am not playing is because my mom says it is too dangerous. I can tell you that it isn’t fun when you can’t play a game because parents think it isn’t safe enough. Football needs to find a way to become a safer game by upgrading equipment. Finally, football is an amazing sport still because it builds character, strength, and a brotherhood. So even though it is dangerous it is still a sport you should try because hey every single sport is dangerous in their own way.