What is The World-Wide Hum?

The Humming Sound: Unexplained Phenomenon



Delmar Mena, Writer

You may have never heard of “the humming sound” however, it has been heard all around the world and no one has been able to find out where this sound is coming from. A lot of people reported that it was coming from the sky, others said it comes from bodies of water nearby. The sound is not audible to some people which is why others may not hear it while others do. This sound is described to be a low humming, rumbling, or droning noise. Similar to the sound of an idle truck. The sound is often heard during the night or early in the morning but can also be heard throughout the day. There are many possible explanations for this low frequency sound heard such as mechanical devices, jet streams, and animals but this is not the case for some areas where the sound is heard. 

The sound is not emitted from the homes of those who hear this sound. Some even shut off the power to their house to prove this. It is also believed that this sound is not a cause of hearing problems. Although this humming sound could be for a number of reasons, there are other variations of this sound that are heard which are described as “weird music” or other odd noises. Where does this noise come from? Some people believe these sounds come from aliens, other people think these sounds are part of something the government is trying to hide.