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Frankie Lesniak, Writer

Baseball is one of the hardest sports in the world, if not the hardest. Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in any sport because the pitchers will throw a fastball at 100 mph and then throw a nasty curveball at 82 mph. How the game of baseball is played is when a pitcher throws a pitch to the batter and they try their hardest to get a hit or just get on base somehow but the pitcher and the fielders are trying to make him not have that happen. The ways you can get on base are: a walk, hit by pitch, single, double, triple, home run and a reach on error. In the American League the pitchers do not have to hit when they have a home game or play at another American League team’s home field, but in the National League the pitchers do have to hit if they have a home game or play at another National League team’s home field. 

My favorite baseball team is the Chicago White Sox and they are doing really good this year. The White Sox are in first place in their division as of August 27th 2021 and it looks like it’ll stay that way because of how good they are right now. I am going to my first White Sox for this season on Sunday August 29th 2021 against the Cubs. In my opinion the best White Sox player of all time is Frank Thomas, he is also the reason why I wear the number 35 in baseball because he is my favorite player of all time. He has hit many home runs for the White Sox and the A’s. He is also an amazing person. The White Sox have 3 World Series rings but the best one was in 2005 because they only lost 1 playoff game otherwise they swept everyone. So if you are thinking about trying out baseball you should because it builds an amazing bond and brotherhood with your teammates and coaches.